Faith in Motion for Life & Business.

Want to bring me to teach at your next conference, event, or church?

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Faith Events

For over 7 years I’ve been a speaker, organizer, and creator of Women’s Conferences.

Prophetic Teaching is timely and necessary for this generation.

To make God accessible, His character known, and the power of Holy Spirit evident in a non-weird and approachable way is why I do what I do.



Business Events

We spend the majority of our time at work. That let’s me know God has something very special designed for our mission field through business, professional, and entrepreneur development!

The work of your hands is meant to bless others and I want to speak life, encouragement, and strategy to your endeavors!



Virtual Events

With time comes change and over the last year we’ve seen a rise in Virtual Events.

Trainings, Prophetic Encounters, even Conferences & Summits are being hosted online.

Having been in the digital space and recording, hosting, and creating Online Events I’d be happy to be a resource to your audience!


Family & Women

I’ve served as a Pastor for Students + Women in some capacity for the last 7 years. Currently, as a Lead Pastor, I see more & more the need for Prophetic Teaching for Families & Women!

I believe women are called to greatness + are equipped with tools to shift the tide of culture! I’ve seen God deliver, heal, and bring new inspiration to women at each conference I’ve hosted or been a part of. I’d love to be a part of your next event for women or families!



Having launched two successful businesses I’m passionate about partnering with women to walk with them hand-in-hand to teach them how they can do the same thing.

Whether you are looking for business development strategies, consultations to grow your current business, or looking for tips to create a side hustle on you own- I’m here to help.

I’d be happy to offer 1:1 coaching, group meet-ups virtually or in person, or consult with you & your company to bring clarity, strategy, and the value of captivating communication to create the life you love by building the income you need!


Youth Conference

I served in Youth Ministry full time for over 7 years. Watching this generation embrace their purpose and run full speed after a God who is fiercely in love with them has given me a passion to be relentless in my pursuit of their influence.

Growing up in a less-than-ideal situation & being invited into the home of a pastor as a child has given me a unique platform & perspective. God is on the move in this generation. I’m humbled to be front & center.

Whether speaking to teen girls or tag-teaming with my husband to reach students through conference events- we are both happy to serve your next event any way we can!



My story breaks all of the statistics. Addicted parents. Mother passing of an overdose and father in and out of jail- I shouldn’t have graduated.

I remember the day that one of the school officials was stunned to see my test scores after being informed of my family situation & current living reality my senior year of High School. All he could say was “Girl, you shouldn’t be here. Your story doesn’t fit your reality.”

At that moment I knew I would do whatever it takes to tell other teenagers that they don’t have to be a statistic. That, if they ignore what they “should” be they will become all that they CAN be.

I look forward to partnering with your school to see your students shift the tide and break the mold!

Looking forward to joining you!