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My history

Started from the bottom now I’m here.

Truthfully, Drake said it best. I grew up with parents who loved as best as they could as they fought brokenness and addiction. Through parent loss, parent incarceration, guardianship, and sexual assault, it’s been a climb.

Recalling the moment a trusted adult looked at me and said, “you shouldn’t be who you are. Your past, girl, those statistics and your status don’t add up.” That’s all I needed to hear.

I fought for healing. I battled to forgive. I am a testimony of overcoming and the joy of continued pressing for health and wholeness BECAUSE of my past, not in spite of it.

Today, I am married to my best friend, raising three girls, have friendships that span decades, and co-pastor a church plant in California while running two successful businesses.

It’s all God and His goodness to hide what I ‘should’ be so I could become all that I ‘could’ be.

Join me in that, will you?

Hey there, I'm Dani

If you are looking for a friend in your corner that will walk through seasons of life and never let you settle there, well then, hello!

You are purposed for something beyond what you’ve lived and it’s all wrapped up in the very make-up of every memory, experience, and season you’ve known.

I know this because, despite statistics and negative voices from others and in my own mind, I’ve lived the truth of those words.

The secret to it all… intentionality and accountability. 

This relationship is founded on the life lived out by Jesus- – the best I have, in the way that YOU need it, is yours for the benefiting. 

You, dear woman, are on the rise. Let’s take the journey together!

xoxo, Dani


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FAVOURITE GROUP: Boy bands. Pick one. 







How we can work together…

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Woman on the Rise | Group Coaching

Woman on the Rise is a tailored program that helps you develop, engage, and maximize the skills and mindsets necessary to see, map out, and achieve your purpose and goals.

Captivating Communication Consulting

If you are looking to increase your connection and develop a quarterly marketing plan that is true to your voice and meets the needs of your audience I want to be a part of serving you as you serve those you are called to reach.

Made for This | FREE 5-Day Challenge

Every season I open up a FREE 5-Day Challenge that is meant to inspire you to engage your purpose and remind you that you were MADE. FOR. THIS. (whatever THIS is)

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