I shared something a few Sundays ago that was more a revelation for me than probably anyone else in the room. See, I believe that the God we serve is still in the business of doing things. For instance, he is still creating, still healing, still delivering, still doing things that contradict the natural world we live in. After all, He is SUPERnatural.

I often find myself asking, more like begging, God to do something. God PLEASE heal, please set free, please change my husband, please… please… please… I’m standing on the tippy tip of my toes in the middle of the proverbial family dinner table stomping my feet asking God to do something. It’s no surprise, as any parent or babysitter can guess, that method of demand doesn’t really move the heart of my Good Father.

Sunday was deep. It almost felt like we were breathing in the very air of heaven- which makes sense considering the prayer is (and should always be) YOUR Kingdom COME. I knew God was speaking and then I heard Him oh so clearly.

“Danielle, I’d love to move. But you need to get out of the way. YOU are the high thing.”

Talk about a punch in the gut. I know that there are thoughts and viewpoints that can put themselves as more important in our minds and hearts but it never occurred to me that it was MY perspectives, MY wants, MY pride that was the high thing in direct opposition to what I was doing the stomping and begging for.

Friend, what I’m trying to say is this: God desperately desires to move in your life. He REALLY wants to heal broken relationships and broken bodies, He really does want to restore things, He really does want to see you delivered from addictions and ways of thinking that harm you. He is alive and actively doing it. He wants to do it for your good BUT His glory. Do you see? It’s not only about you. He loves you enough to not do these things only for your benefit, but for the banner of His name to be lifted high so that it can draw the broken, lost, and hurting to Him. Then He can continue moving and showing just how AWEsome He is.

Here’s what I know: God loves you. He is really a Good Father. And He is really alive doing all the things a Good God who is alive would do. I encourage you to put yourself low and lift His name high and see what He will do. How do you do that? Practically, I’d say worship instead of beg. Feel free to ask but remember that His heart and hands are moved by worship and praise. Also consider talking about what God IS doing instead of what God hasn’t done. Tell people of His goodness and watch it ripple out even further.

Test Him, He is good.

Again, as always, we are praying for you friends. For your health, your family, and for His glory to be seen in your lives.