Captivating your audience doesn't have to be salesy.

In fact, it can’t be. Your audience is looking for someone who sees them and speaks directly to their souls- – but they want YOU to be AUTHENTIC.

You need a Captivating Communication Strategy.


How does this work?

I know you don’t want another meeting where you talk strategy. What you need is a friend who will listen as you spill your passion.


Schedule a Free consultation

The first step is scheduling a call so we can discuss you, your business, and where you are visioning yourself in the future. 

This call will last about 30 minutes and we’ll discuss the best plan of action to seeing your communication strategy became captivating and authentic.



Wine & Dine

After your consultation we will collaborate to plan a time to get together. 

But, this isn’t your normal meeting. We’ll meet at a nice restaurant and for the next few hours we will eat and talk all about you, your business, and your audience. 

I’ll be recording the whole process and you’ll feel at ease knowing this is all pleasure and no work.


Receive your Strategy

I’ll head home and for the next 2-weeks I will put together a Captivating Communication guide for you.

Along with the comprehensive strategy you will also receive 3 months of content mapped out with prompts for you or your team to easily execute.

If you don’t have a team to implement I provide access to mine.


Jessica Principe

“Could you have nailed it any better?!  I mean seriously!!!  Can you just be my personal voice and writer?
I don’t even want to speak anymore – I want you to speak for me….all the time!  You are amazing!!”


Captivating Strategy

The goal is to give you the path to become a resource and not a sales pitch. You’ll know exactly how to use each platform the way it’s intended while also being true to who you are in a way that speaks to your audience

White Glove Service

To be captivating you’re first step is to be relaxed and open to sharing. You’ll enjoy an evening and experience that provides the atmosphere to allow you openness and comfort to share the highs & lows.

Captivating Content Calendar

Not only will you receive the communication strategy for your speaking and written content you’ll also receive a content plan with prompts and talking points for every area you show up online and a suggested schedule for posting.

A plan for growth

Whether you have a team or plan to have one in the future, this strategy is the foundation for client-facing work. Whether you hire a Social Media Manager, Blog Writer, Email Marketer, Video Editor, etc. This plan will help support your growth and keep you on brand.

Are you ready to Captivate through Communication?

You are a powerful voice in the world and I want to help you position yourself in a way that elevates your platform and ministers to your audience.