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I'm so happy to meet you

Hi! I’m Dani! Wife, Mama, Coach, Communications Expert, and your biggest cheerleader. I’ve spent 5 years raising girls, running a successful Online Business Management & Digital Marketing Agency, and Pastoring alongside my husband.

What you need to know is you have a purpose and the call of Jesus is attached to it. My heart is to encourage you, equip you, and walk beside you as the purpose and passion of your life begins to flourish in front of you.

Whether you are setting goals as a Mama, looking to communicate your vision in a powerful way, or your on a journey to find a community of kindred women to find community with – – welcome! All of that (and more) are right here on these pages and I’m here to host you as discover.

Here’s what I know:
God answers prayers with resources or relationship. I’m not sure what you are praying for but I believe that you answer will be found in the resources I’ve created and our relationship as we get to know each other.

Take a look around these pages and then dive in!

Your purpose is waiting!


How I can help you

I believe resources and relationships are always the answer for growth.

Woman on the Rise

A group coaching program crafted to empower you to discover and achieve the goals and God-given vision in your heart.



Well Made Women

A membership for kindred hearts to grow and flourish together as we navigate womanhood, faith, and business.



Captivating Communication Consulting

As a business owner, there are two truths: branding will catch your audience’s attention but how you communicate will captivate them. My goal is to give you a communication and content strategy that is authentic and converting.




Here's the truth, friend

God says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. BUT, there is still a plow attached to those of us who are doing the work.

The goal of coaching isn’t to bring ladies into a group and leave them hanging. I’m bringing ladies in and pulling you up! Remember this: God doesn’t have a power problem. BUT, He just might have a conduit problem. Let’s work together to unlock your freedom so He can lead you to intentional pursuit of your purpose.

It’s me and you, friend! Let’s RISE up!


Recently on the blog

Sometime I Am the High Thing

Sometime I Am the High Thing

I shared something a few Sundays ago that was more a revelation for me than probably anyone else in the room. See, I believe that the God we serve is still in the business of doing things. For instance, he is still creating, still healing, still delivering, still...

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Raising Girls on the Rise

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